" Smoke and Mirrors"

January 31, 2010
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Look at you, a lonely girl looking through eyes filled with enamor
Tasting of champagne, glitter, and rock and roll mixed with glamour
But I know what’s really underneath those sparkly lips and fake eye lashes
I know all about your dirty little secrets and your secret stashes
I see right through your feigned sense of social grace
I see how hard you try to exhibit such exquisite taste
Only you could drown yourself in diamonds and choke to death on crystals
In a blood splattered bathroom covered in wilting roses and glistening pistols
Well, you always did love an entrance and a fascination with the perfect crime
Too bad that stylish shoes won’t be able to save you this time
The scene was littered with torn up love letters and broken hearts
Painting the portrait of a life consumed by greed, addiction, and shopping carts
And the painstaking, high profile, and one sided romance
A fabricated passion intricately composed of apologies, glances, and way too many second chances.
An intimate suicide swallowed by press coverage and placed in a casket covered in expensive furs
No longer will she have to chase a story that would never be hers.

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