A Note Left Behind

January 31, 2010
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Do you feel sorry?
Are you regretting it now?

Do you even care?

I am gone because of you.
You pulled the jenga block that made my life fall.
You pulled the cloth that my glass heart rested on.
Cold, yet fragile.

I break easily.

But you smashed me into a million pieces.
You made me think oh so naïve,
That you may actually take care of my weak heart.

But you didn’t.

Now look into my eyes.
The still, lifeless brown dots that lay on my pure white visage.
They used to be full of life.
But you had to change all of that, did you not?

Look again.

Do you see someone you, love?
Someone you hate?


Does it matter?
Do you care?


Nothing matters to you.
None of it ever will.

Do you wanna know something?

You were right.

I do love you.

With all of my stopped heart.

I really do.

~love always finds its way

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