January 31, 2010
By *Chachi* BRONZE, Lapeer, Michigan
*Chachi* BRONZE, Lapeer, Michigan
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What do you have when the whole world fails to come through
nothing more, nothing less, all you have is you
your head, your heart, your own two feet
face to face with all the problems you will meet
all you know is that you just don't know & you just don't care
your looking for an out, anything as long as it leads somewhere
you resort back to your meaningless childish ways
cause it seems to remind you of only the better days
but your older now, & it you realize it all seems so fake
now a hug & kiss won't make it disappear, it's not all it takes
a pain lingers inside, leaving you feeling ice cold
you watch your liquid pain, down your arm it flows
this is you, the real you, not just another episode of one of your shows
your taking your pain & making it something real
because to everyone its not true if its something they don't feel
as you wash away all your crimson heartaches
you realize the worlds not so bad but do you have what it takes
are you strong enough, do you have the will
you knew this was coming, they told you from the start
you pick up your shiny best friend & watch as it falls
it was now ever, & it was always your call
you give one more smile in the mirror before walking away
living life is hard but not as hard as ending it all today

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