The Silence

January 31, 2010
The silence engulfs me
Louder than any noise could ever be
Nagging at my mind
Destroying my train of thought

No music to save me
Spare me
Help me
Just thoughts and memories

I close my eyes
Close my mind to the quiet
Bring myself to another place
A place of joy

But the place
My escape
Is not purely joyful

His face
Finds its way to my mind
His sweet smile
His caring eyes
His gaze trained on me
How I wonder
What he’s thinking

The pounding of drums consumes me
Twirl of a drumstick

But still
It isn’t enough
The silence is overpowering and undeniable
The drums are gone
The silence is back
Won’t go away
It burns me
Destroys me

Somebody help me

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