Keep Your Head Up

January 31, 2010
By Lost_Cookie GOLD, Surprise, Arizona
Lost_Cookie GOLD, Surprise, Arizona
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"You are your toughest critic"- Quintin Clark

It hits you when you least expect it.
Then all the sudden your feel like s***.
Your heart gives out and throws a fit.
You toss and twirls down into a pit.
The pain hurts and the thoughts are bad.
Your feeling something that isn't sad.
Mixed emotions come like anger and mad.
You cry out for help, "Mom..Dad!"
Your brain just stops your heartbeat dead.
Your lose yourself inside your head.
You think about guns and shooting the lead.
Suicidal thoughts that somehow you fled.
Your mind is deadly and ready for death.
You start imagining your last breath.
Pictures of blood running down your cleft.
Your bleeding not breathing till theres no more blood left.
Snap back to reality and things come back.
The emotions are slowing and starting to unpack.
No more thoughts of a gun and the sound of the click clack.
The gun is put back upon the rack.
With a heavy sigh as the tears start falling.
Your thoughts of suicide begin to start stalling.
You try to stand but revert to crawling.
And suddenly you burst out bawling.
But these new tears aren't bad but meant to heal.
Lock the suicidal thoughts away with a seal.
And with your mind you begin to feel.
This emotion once lost is now completly real.
I know this poem may seem quite sappy.
Perhaps to long and a little overlappy.
And maybe your thinking its just plain crappy.
But the moral is after the pain comes the happy.

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