I Miss You

January 31, 2010
I lost my Dad, my best friend.
I thought he loved me til the end.
It's like I ran out of money and continued to spend.
And our relationship I can not mend.
Dad come back I want you back.
Your pride in me I seem to lack.
I broke your heart with crack and crack.
I think it's time for me to pack.
Dad I love you a truley do.
You might not see it but I care for you.
I hurt you and broke you that is true.
But Dad I've given you all my love too.
I want my Dad and that is all.
Remember when we used to go to the mall.
Remember when we used to play ball.
Remember when you taught me how to crawl.
I do Dad we were so tight.
Father and Son day and night.
With you Dad I was always right.
But without you things aren't bright.
I want you Dad you are mine.
I wasted and wasted all this time.
And now I want you but it's too late.
Your gone now, why did I wait.

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