The Pills

January 31, 2010
By Anonymous

She takes the pills.
They give her the chills.
It always kills the pain.

Lying on the bed.
Wishing she were dead.
Or rather that she were slain.

The dad walks in.
Loses his grin.
And rushes her out the door.

The son asks why.
Will she die.
After the one pill and 5 more.

The Dad and Mom at the hospital.
While we pray that it's too little.
Of a dose to kill my Mom.

I sit and think.
And begin to sink.
Hoping the suicide went wrong.

There she sits.
Having the fits.
Shaking from the pills.

The Dad is crying.
Is she dying?
As she lay still.

The Son not there.
But of course he care.
No, oh no, she can't die.

The Sister asleep.
Dreaming of sheep.
While the Son crys "Why?!"

No more love.
She wants the above.
She's killing me deep inside.

She thought it was right.
To die tonight.
To commit the suicide.

Saying she won't.
While I say please don't.
Hasn't changed a thing.

Barely breathing.
The mom is heaving.
Can you hear the grave bell ring?

The Son stuck in a pit.
Feels like sh**.
Mom stay alive.

Don't leave me.
Can't you see.
Your supposed to be mine.

Now the Son.
Has begun.
His deepest darkest depression.

Mom, oh why.
Why suicide.
He thinks and begins guessin'.

I loved you.
Do you love too?
He says aloud to himself.

Why the suicide?
Is what the Son cried.
And no more feelings could be felt.

The author's comments:
Mom overdosed on pills. She's fine now.

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