The Tale of a Modern Kid

January 31, 2010
By Lost_Cookie GOLD, Surprise, Arizona
Lost_Cookie GOLD, Surprise, Arizona
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This is a story about a kid.
And everything went wrong, everything he did.
His life is one of great intrest and surprise.
Try envisioning it all in your eyes.
He lived in a place that wasn't home.
He just sat and wrote poem by poem.
Easing the pain.
He thought of shooting his brain.
Changed his mind because of her.
So he continues living as a peice of dirt.
His mom is crazy and depressed.
Because of all the memories shes surpressed.
So now she takes her pain out on her son.
Who wishes and prays he never sees a gun.
For if he did he'd cock it and shoot.
Aim at the brain stem, the base, the root.
So now he lays in his bed thinking.
The gears in his mind begin clinking.
They think they know him but oh are they wrong.
If he could sing he'd write them a song.
It'd be one of hate and sadness.
Consumed only by the emotions anger and madness.
But instead he lies on his bed.
Inside his mind he gets lost in his head.
His parents enter his room and see him lay.
And so they think f*** it and walk away.
This son who thought he had love.
Wishes he'd die and float on above.
Instead he remains here wondering why.
Wondering is it possible for me to cry.
No tears are shed no blood is bled.
He just lays there and dies inside instead.
So kiddies and people of the world.
My life story has now been unflurled.

The author's comments:
Wrote this after a bad night.

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