January 31, 2010
By Lost_Cookie GOLD, Surprise, Arizona
Lost_Cookie GOLD, Surprise, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
"You are your toughest critic"- Quintin Clark

You are you and I am me.
Do not judge what you see.
I am not what you want to be.
For you are you and I am me.

So much blood and so much death.
Right now this could be my last breath.
We could all wake up and find that we're deaf.
Some go right and others stay left.
This world has changed and keeps on changing.

I feel sometimes that it's not worth explaining.
I'm tired of hearing people's complaining.
All that you're really doing is straining.
Maybe we should all just stop and think.
Make the connection link by link.

Maybe some like black and some like pink.

Maybe some are on the brink.
It disappoints me to see all this hate.
It's like we've become the fish and we're chasing the bait.
And take some chances before its too late.
Who knows maybe this'll be your lucky date.
It's time to think outside the box.
Start investing in other things besides stocks.
Find the keys and open the locks.
Life is ticking away and we're the clocks.

Maybe your deeper than you thought.
Maybe your not who you want.
Maybe you flaunt; oh yes you flaunt.

Others may taunt; oh yes they taunt.

We stand in the beginning and then we fall.
But in the end I'll stand tall.
It's fine to be the player but who's making the call.

This is your chance to shine so catch the ball.
You think you are you.
But that's not what you do.

Your speaking words that are not true.
You pretend your fine when really your blue.
But you do it because you want it to be.
And unlike you I know me.

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