January 31, 2010
My world is turned upside down,
When you broke my heart,
Shattered to pieces,
It's fallen apart,
Now all that's left,
Is me and my butterflies,
Lost I Love You's,
And the final goodbye,

I still hear your voice in my ear,
Everynight it becomes alil more clear,
That you're gone,
Taken pieces of me with you,
Every laugh you said you loved,
Is now a sob,
That rises up, up, and above,
Carried Straight to the moon,
Hang's there,
Becomes a lost tune,

You can't have this piece,
The final part,
Of my heart,
It's mine to keep,
To let it grow,
To make it whole,
To give away,
When the time is right,
This is my last cry at night,
I have finally seen the light,
Well this is it,
My cold and broken,

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<3boo<3 said...
Feb. 15, 2010 at 9:34 pm
this is good kinda creepy but very good..... i like it!
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