Tiny Broken Things

January 31, 2010
Broken wings flutter above our heads
trying to remember everything i said
although i kno my thoughts are lost
as i watch the wings flutter
easy as a humans breathing
casting shadows and brilliant blues
and listen to the morning dove sing through the tiny broken wings
from the cracks and imperfections
of the wings of broken butterflies
and morning birds that sing
objects fall from the sky
hearts, minds, bodies, souls
frail and fragile are these tiny broken things
and as they fall
even the flowers can't help but cry
and the sweet sparrow sings it's nightly lullaby
and when this moment falls apart
i feel him gently take my hands and my heart
he wraps his arms around me
and puts his lips on mine
i pray for just one moment
that until forever he will be mine
because i know
with him loving me
i am not one of those tiny broken things
that fall to earth
from broken butterfly wings

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