Where I'm Going

January 31, 2010
Things are changing every day
I'm not sure if I'm ready
But I stand tall and take control
And try hard to go steady

I believe in everything
My dreams are what I live for
I want to be what I believe
Not unseen anymore

I live like I will die tomorrow
And dream like I'll live forever
I take one step and don't look back
I'll be there whenever

I know that I can do anything
I won't give up the fight
I'll do the impossible again and again
I will make things right

I'm moving on to better things
Not looking back today
I tend to dream of the future
I'm ready to get away

I want to go from coast to coast
Just get out of here
California or New York City
I won't shed a tear

I'm not sure where I'm going in life
But I do know what I believe
Never give up, never say no
And just keep chassing my dreams

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