t w i n k l e.

January 31, 2010
Mystified and Perplexed,
I fix my gaze upon night's illumination;
disguised as a nearly consumed cookie,
eaten by the phases of the Earth.
Its beams dance in the streets, backyards, oceans, and valleys of the world,
proving to the obscure that it has no effect on its choreographies.
Baffled and Astounded,
I behold the world's nutriment make its subtle declaration,
gently reminding its comrade of its naturally worn out welcome.
Masking the world with its metallic cross members, this incomparable star breathes life into the abiotic depths of the world.
Placid and Apprehensive,
I lay my foot against the minerals below, squishing it between my toes.
I softly brush my hand across my expression, removing the liquid sunshine gathered on my brow.
Gratified and Appeased,
I place my relic back on the shelf, with the knowledge that I am but one minute color in an axial world of rainbows.

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