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January 31, 2010
By kayle BRONZE, Kansascity, Missouri
kayle BRONZE, Kansascity, Missouri
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" live like you dying never regret a second of your life.For tommarow isnt promised so make the momnts worth living for"

Who knows how it feels to have your heart ripped out multiple times.To be lifeless with no heartbeat.Never knowing if that pulse will ever return.To loose someone you love feels that way.Like a child being born and given up to an adoption home never getting to meet there real parents. Like when everyone turns there back on you. And your mother does the same. Like seeing a child with a stomach full of sickness knowing that it is killing him inside. To hear about someone taking the innocence of a child and it scars her for life because she can never get it back. Or like having someone say that they love you then leave you without saying a word. And then that pulse comes back.And you realize that love never left you in the beggining because that loved one is still with your heart anad you carry them in your soul. Love never leaves you forever sometims it just needs a vacation.It returns when you least expect it!!!

The author's comments:
I was going through a hard time finding a faithful guy.being in love when your young and finding someone who really wants to be with you is really hard so I gave up one it.I prayed that God would send me someone true.And when i least expected it he came along.Me and this guy are really serious and I love him alot.And that made me realize that love vacations on everyone sometimes and it never really leaves you you just have to wait until it comes back around.

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