Jason Casrtro

January 31, 2010
By passionatanangle BRONZE, Newcastle, Washington
passionatanangle BRONZE, Newcastle, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"It'll all be OK in the end, if its not OK,its not the end"

Success is waiting.
Jason’s voice floats across the air
As breath carries around the world
His song is sung
With love, passion, hope
The end never ends
Its so easy, no need to pretend

Jason’s smile is as bright as diamonds in the sun,
Sparkling, contagious hope shimmering off
Pure love extracted from the most loving heart
In the entire world. Soft,
Meaningful words pierce every female heart.
Take it over.

His deep pools of blue eyes close, intense emotion tumbling out.
The crowds’ eyes close too, rocking to the poetic words
A single tear falls from each feminine eye, like water drips from a broken faucet
The smooth lyrical indulgence stops,
Silence filling the room.
Leaving every mouth breathless
Success is waiting.

The author's comments:
Jason Castro was on American Idol for season 7, he inspired me because though he made it only to 4th place, he never gave up. I listen to his music and am mesmorized by the words and emotion that flow from it, this poem is about his success and the hope his fans have for him.

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