Sunset Horses

January 30, 2010
By breyer106 BRONZE, Spanish Fork, Utah
breyer106 BRONZE, Spanish Fork, Utah
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Sunset Horses

Manes Flying, Tails Whipping, Hooves Pounding
Water Splashing, Sun Gleaming, Sky Soaring
Bright Bays, Deep Chestnut, Dark Blacks
Could be nothing more than horses across the shore at sunset. Like famished wolves were running straight behind them. But in fact, they were running for the pure joy of being able to run. Faster than any of God’s creatures has done before them.
Manes flying against their necks
Tails whipping the air with such force
Hooves pounding the ground & bringing up waves
Waves splashing the water & horses around them
Sun gleaming to its brightest as it sets in the deep blue water
Sky soaring up above their heads with eagles flying high
Bright bays of all shades of brown
Deep chestnut liver, gold, & dun
Dark blacks as black as the midnight sky

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