Friends Forever

January 30, 2010
By FurryFireFox SILVER, Decatur, Georgia
FurryFireFox SILVER, Decatur, Georgia
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When she looked at him
She no longer saw her friend
She saw someone she missed
Someone she wished
Was closer again.

When she looked at his eyes
Those bright blue orbs
She knew that he was clueless
He had no idea
Of all her lies

She had used him
He was only there to boost her ego
She ignored him when he talked
She gave him pity laughs for his jokes
She took him for granted

But then he found someone else
He was joking with another
Talking with another
He was getting too close
And she was so confused

She misses him
His pointless blabber
His stupid humor
His optimistic attitude
His goofy smile
His excited eyes
His curly hair
His hugs
And he was sharing it all with another

When she tells him
She misses him
He laughs
He says “I’m right here”
He doesn’t understand

She savors those few times
That the other girl is not around
She acts normal
She laughs like she did
She smiles like she did

But her hands linger
Around his
She knows she shouldn’t
And she doesn’t
But she wishes she could

Why was she so stupid?
He was more than a friend
But now he’s moved on
From the crush he thought would never blossom
And she regrets it all

But she doesn’t really know
What is it she feels?
Is she confusing the feeling
Of losing something
With the feeling
Of loving something?

She isn’t worthy of him
They make a cute couple
And she had her chance
To be with him
He deserves better

So she decided

On the outside
She will root for them
She will support them

But on the inside
She yells at herself
She questions herself

On the outside
She will smile

But on the inside
She will cry

"I’ll be the perfect friend for you
I’ll help you through it all
I wish you luck in your endeavor
Just know that I’ll be here for you
Friends Forever"

The author's comments:
A poem about missing a chance you desperately wish you had taken. We've all been there...

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