I cross my heart and hope to die

January 30, 2010
I'm just a girl wearing a mask
With a fragile heart of glass
I frown all day and cry all night
I stand my guard, scream, and fight
I wear a bag over my head
Try to drown out the things they said
My wings slowly heal each and every day
Holding my heart with everything I say
I'd fast forward life if I could
If I want to got to heaven I have to be good
I have to be an angel and do not sin
To get a chance to say "hello how have you been?"
I miss you, your smile so dear
How I wish you were still here
I wish to see you once again
I want to see you my dear friend
Let me grow wings so I can fly
Or give me a way for this to pass by
I want to be at the place where there's not a single tear
oh I don’t feel happy here
I don’t fit in I don’t belong
I don’t want to sing this sad song
don't worry I’ll soon leave here
to find the memories that were once but no longer clear
it'll be so beautiful it will make you want to cry
I cross my heart and hope to die...

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