I was, I am, I will be

January 30, 2010
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I was scared, sensitive, and active. I was disrespected, pressured by my parents, teachers and friends. I cared about my friends, sports and family. I played around, spent my time doing what was already done. Shy, quiet, abandoned, left to be forgotten. I thought I knew better, I observed and disturbed as I went through the changes of the unknown. I wasn’t proud no one was I didn’t know where to go with my bad past. My teachers said ignore it, my parents said do what you’re supposed to do, and my friends said come with us we’ll show you. So I followed the crowd to the wrong path. As I graduated hoping it would be better where I would go.

I am shy, not scared, I am nice, not dared. I see a well, smart kind good hearted girl ready for the future with nothing to spare. I was isn’t there which is why I’m not scared. I’ve been through my good times and bad times but still I don’t know it all. I am happy and think positive, try harder and harder with still so many steps to go. No longer made fun of, abandoned or taunted. I was once distraught now I am taught that life is like a roller coaster so many runs with no turns but don’t be a quitter because that’s not who I am.
I will be a leader not a cheater a role model to those who are not yet born. I will be a well educated lady, the one to go to college, ready for the future. I’ve been through so many things but I know I must persevere because the best things in life are all around us. I will be remembered as the one who was shy and scared to the one who was there for you till the end. I want to do a lot of things in life that not many have jot down. But as I grow older and older everyday I will never look back again to those who said I would fail. But to those who lead me to the right place and helped me conquer you will be held in fame forever. Cause I know who I was, I am, and who I will be forever.

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