The Fire's Pain

January 30, 2010
By WolfboyWerepup SILVER, Okanogan, Washington
WolfboyWerepup SILVER, Okanogan, Washington
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A flicker, a flame
not hells fiery blaze
a beauty providing light
and warmth so nice
yet so dangerious
is the power of fire
but only when misused
such as a quest for power
it's a weapon of distruction
causes pain, hate and death
and takes all the blame
isn't that insane?
how is that fair?
how would you feel
if someone used you,
to kill and abuse
what would you do?
wouldn't you revenge
on he who chooses you
to use you, abuse you,
confuse you, blame you,
then throw you away?
As he takes all the glory
you take all the blame,
along with the pain
of knowing what you've done
so don't blame the flame
blame yourself!
all fire tried to do was help,
but you raised hell!
all you cared about
was you and yourself!
don't deny! apologize!
think of fires pain
think how it feels
filled with guilt
for those it's killed
and filled with rage
and overwhelming urge
to make you pay!
next time you strike a match
look into the flame
and remember it's pain
bow your head
apologize and prey
it's a bright new day
learn to love and appreciate
the power of the flame
and one day we won't feel
the fires rage

The author's comments:
I LOVE FIRE! but...i despise how its misused...this is the fifth poem I have wrote in my life, and one of my favorites. i do believe that fire has feelings. Fires really spiritual to me. but i know its dangerous and harmful. this poem points out that in most cases, fires only harmful because we make it that way.

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