January 30, 2010
So many people are bound to it.
They live everyday following the laws of their beliefs.
From the days of old to now, millions have read the same stories, followed the same rituals.
Some have killed themselves in the name of their creator.
Some have spread peace.
Wars have spread because some did not agree to another’s beliefs.
Are not all religions the same in the end?
You believe in a creator, you follow their ways.
In the end, you are rewarded or punished, based on how well you followed those beliefs.
Many say that religion has been around for many millennia.
They say, we were created by a grand architect.
But, if we look back in time, we will see a different story.
We were alone, we were scared and in the dark.
Our ancestors could not answer the obvious.
So, in our fear we created light.
We, with our imagination came up with an answer.
When someone wanted to know where we came from, we said the man in the sky.
It spread, one true god created everything.
However, as the people grew, they spread.
Eventually the story changed.
God, Allah, Buddha.
All different names, one being.
Religion was created to answer the unanswerable.
Yet, here we are.
The real answers are before us and religion remains.
Maybe, today it is used by some, for hope.
Hope that this darkening world will one day be set right.
Hope that we will prosper in peace some day.
Religion has changed, though some will say it has not.
Religion may just be a story, but for some, it is a life.

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