January 30, 2010
By CarlyDudek PLATINUM, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
CarlyDudek PLATINUM, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
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Love is when your heart stop beating because of the electric shock you get from a simple smile. Love is no consequences, love is not caring what people think, love is feeling alive and living for him/her, love is when you kno your complete

In the darkness
She cried to herself to sleep
Awakening in sadness
In a never ending green
She tries to run from the sadness
But she’s to overwhelmed
She dries her tears and sucks it up
In this world she doesn’t know
I single tear rolls her cheek
But realizes tears aren’t red
Then she starts to realize
She is coming close to death
Wandering around the green
She finds a muddy path
The never ending screaming
In her head just seemed to get louder
She could hear their screams
She could feel their pain
She was the only survivor
She just couldn’t seem to die
She tried to free her memories
That are haunting her inside
The screams get louder and louder
As she collapses to the path
The pain is growing inside of her
And she’s screaming all alone
“No!” she screams
“It can’t be real! I’m just imagining things!”
She screams so loud that somebody finds her
Too bad she’s already dead

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