Love is Death

January 30, 2010
By CarlyDudek PLATINUM, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
CarlyDudek PLATINUM, Ft. Wayne, Indiana
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Love is when your heart stop beating because of the electric shock you get from a simple smile. Love is no consequences, love is not caring what people think, love is feeling alive and living for him/her, love is when you kno your complete

I thought about it at first.
But now it is all just a blur
All i remember is the sound of tears and blood
hitting the ground
whose it was
i have no clue
but it left a scar
an emotional and physical one at that
why is it so hard?
I tell myself to get over it
i tell myself to forget
I tell myself that love is alive
But really when the sad truth is
Love is dead
dead as dead can be
you can't live your life
without it being proved the hard way
which involves tears.
Which involves blood
which involves pain
Isn't Love supposed to be easy?
Isn't it supposed to be happy?
It isnt supposed to break your heart
Destroy your mind,
until you have nothing left
You get so sucked in
you get so obsessed
you get broken
you can get killed
it's all the same in the end
Love is dead death

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