Dreams of the Imagination

January 30, 2010
A sparkling city of red glass in the distance.
Blazing skies of cream and orange with clouds of blue.
Fields of colorful and bizarre fruits surround you.
A path of glass bricks is laid before your feet.
Breathing in the fumes of ecstasy you walk the path.
The glass clinks every time you step.
Fantastic birds soar around you, and sing songs never heard to a human’s ear.
As you clink away through the fields, a low roar emanates from beside you.
You look in the distance to see what it is, and you are swept away.
An upsurge of white sand swells from behind the city of glass and shatters it.
The sand piles and engorges the landscape as massive shards of glass snap and cut.
In reaches you in an instant, blowing you in its shadow.
You cannot breath, see, or hear.
You fall.
Alone in a space of white you fall to a sea of black sand.
You feel nothing but the prickle of the sand as you slow, then are set in the sand.
It flows quickly to an endless destination.
Massive splinters of clear glass sparkle as they rise and roll around you.
Your body is at its moment of perfect comfort.
You lay and drift as sands take you away.
The sky darkens, the sands become more violent and fast.
Soon, you are speeding through the new world like a bullet.
Objects are blurred, cast in red shadow as the sky has now become black.
Moments pass in blurred frames, too fast for your mind to comprehend.
Then, it slows to nothing.
Everything is still dark and covered in red shadow, but the sand just barely crawls.
Crawls to an ending, a vast stop, where the sand pours into nothing.
Your body twists and turns as you lose all feeling, and control.
It rolls over the side and plummets.
Falling, falling forever in the black.
Then, you wake.
Black particles of sand fall off your clothes as you stand.
They fall like beads onto the glass panel below you.
Below that, nothing but a pink ocean.
Around you, hundreds of panels are spaced forever amongst clouds and blue sky.
Your still, careful not to crack the glass.
Lifting your head up you see a teal rock the size of a baseball descend.
It hits the glass.
You hold your breath.
The rock was formed like a perfect cone, upside down, puncturing the glass.
Nothing happens; all is well.
The glass shatters.
You fall in a storm of glass, as every other panel shatters like yours and falls.
Sparkling rain mists upon the ocean.
You plunge into the ocean, water swelling around you as you serge ever deeper into the abyss.
The pink water does not feel wet, cold, or even constricting.
Actually, it even feels like air, it weighs nothing at all.
The warm textures caress your every curve, relaxing your body.
You feel dreamy, tired, in perfect rest.
You close your eyes as you drift ever deeper.
Farther into the ocean, and your dreams.
Warm comfort, complete relaxation.
Dancing stars across your mind.
Glass stones below your feet.
Birds singing in the sky.
Many warm breezes.
Vanilla skies.
Dreams of the imagination…

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