January 30, 2010
you can't trust any one in this world
because in the end they'll all turn on you
you're teachers, friends, and family
life has no meaning
because in the end we all die
wake me up when life is over
so I won't have to live
sleep is over rated
but I rather be asleep then live my life
cause if this really is my life
then kill me now and save me from it
it's true people will turn on you
because if you die
everyone (especially friends) will act like they miss you
some people will actually care
but someday they move on
it's normal but sometimes
the people forget everything about you
and when you look back on your life
you see all the lies and backstabbing
and you see the tears you wasted on it all
because you always knew they would turn on you
you just didn't want to believe it
but you realize
the reason you wasted the tears
was because you were lying to yourself
and you would give anything to change it
but you know the past makes up the future
and the mistakes you know
you made will never happen again
all of this describes my life
I have friends
who aren't my friends
because friends are equal
my friends treat me like crap
I have family
who aren't really family
because family listens
but in my family
my tears break out every week
I have a heart
which isn't really a heart
because a heart gives you life
and all I feel
is death

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