I Feel Like A Weed Flower

January 30, 2010
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Always not wanted or needed, ignored and rejected
Feeling different from the beautiful flowers
No one wants to pick me off and just end me more easily
Instead, I have to endure not being wanted by others
No bee or butterfly wants to land on me
No one wants to feel lonely and stuck on cement instead of a meadow like I do
I don't believe there are people who would even second glance look at me
And maybe just maybe say, "It has something"

Maybe they would be nicer to me if I did have that something
But how am I supposed to know what that something is if people won't give me time
To show them how wrong they were and I would forgive them
If they just gave me the chance to open their hearts
And leave an imprint that can never leave them
If I had eyes to see how people look at a weed flower, I'd tear them out
I don't want to see what they think of my appearance
Because in truth be told I'm the same as the other flowers just different
And yet they don't send me in bouquets like they do to the others
I wish people would see me in any way as long as they noticed me
It's so weird that even if they thought I was disgusting I'd be happy
Because they looked at me and said something about me
I don't know anyone who feels my pain of how it is to be an insignificant flower like me
But how is it I'm so insignificant I still want people to see me
It's because unlike other flowers, I stay and hold up and grow more and more
Some people may think it's bad to have more of me
But I once heard someone say that it shows I have potential to be something beautiful
To those words, I will keep being that one little weed flower that you can't cut
Because the end is, so deep it must have reached the center of life
Maybe on one day someone will notice me and have the strength to pull me out of the concrete
And give me to a loved one because they see me, as how I always wished to be seen
Maybe they'll think better of me the next time they see a weed flower on the sidewalk

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