Restless Night

January 30, 2010
~Restless Night~

The holes in your heart whistle as the wind sweeps
through, with a breeze in the restless night.

The murmurs get softer, it feels as though it could
stop at any moment.

The tossing and turning next to me, I miss. Your
smile was the most comforting of all.

I hold on to the piece of you that remains, It's all that
I have left, but like everything else, it will eventually fade.

As I lay, trying not to fall apart, crying in my sleep.
Love in the restless night, a sad song in your eyes.

Something sacred lingers here, in the scent of your cologne.

Taken before your time, young and adventurous, lost in your
dreams of a better life, seeking endless thrills.

Even though you were way in over your head, I loved you,
and I didn't know what to do.

All of my dreams dropped dead in front of me, and I didn't know
who to call first.

I can't forgive you yet, the feeling is not new, for that I know
that I'm the one to blame.

With a gust of wind, in the restless night, the moon
sings it's song. A fragile moan, in the gloom of it's radiance.

For all the times that you left me out in the cold, I still
wish you were here, with a soft hate and all the love in the world.

Small steps on the road to recovery, and now walking
alone. If you could see me now, I know what you would say.

All the things that I wish I could take back have already come
and gone. When guilt comes into question, you will say it's all right.

It feels as though the script has already been written,
but we couldn't envision a happy ending.

And if, by chance, there was a god, would he be so kind
as to let me join you as you remembered me?

I hear your voice in the night, and curse the fate as it plagues
me, but I can't help but think that you do it, purposely.

You knew it made me smile, how you teased, it was always
in your nature. I just can't get used to sleeping alone.

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