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January 29, 2010
By -raining-grace- BRONZE, Allisaw, Alaska
-raining-grace- BRONZE, Allisaw, Alaska
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-Live Laugh Love-
Its the only way to survive this life.

I find it funny
how you can say
you love me
turn it around
and stab me
but it doesn't
feel like that though
It's more like you turned away
and lead me astray

I'll be fine
and I'm okay now
you'ra still a friend
hopefully til the end
its gunna take a while
but I always will smile
Its another day
bad thoughts go away
Past is past
the feeling doesn't last

I'm sort of glad
i don't have to please you
or worry anymore
I can talk to my friends
while your around
without leaving you behind

Let me drown
in this softness
I feel pease
now i'm free

Let me play and flirt
with my buddies
and talk with no end
I don't feel bad anymore
for leaving you, standing
at the door

We still talk
even though its tough
but I will never say
"I love you"
until I am sure
that a boy really
means what he says
and I beleive its true
I don't hink its a sound
I'll hear for many years

Once my friend asked me
if you were the "one"
and I told her,
"only time will show
whats be done"
but now I think
I am done with you
and all these games
you put me threw

I knew in the end
that you would go back
to the B****
who would always laugh at you
and put you down
I laughed and teased
but wasn't mean

You should have seen her face
when she told me
and the difference
between me and her
is that I never wanted to
see you hurt.

The author's comments:
This is about a resent past experiance. and i may be sounding a little bit conceded but this is how i felt at the time. thx so much

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