It's hard,but you can make it

January 29, 2010
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It's hard to be happy
When your not
It's hard to be you when
yourself has left you
for vacation

It's hard to be you when
it feels the whole world
is against you
It's hard to be hurt
without getting mad too

It's hard to live when
your dying
It's hard to believe
in something that you can't
see or don't exsist

It's hard to smile when
you're broken inside
It's hard to live when
you don't want to

It's hard to climb a
mountainwith no gear
It's hard to drown if
you never tried to swim

It's hard to love someone
who hates you
It's hard to be perfect
when theres no such thing

It's hard to read someones
broken heart with no empathy

It's hard, It's so hard

But it's easy to go
with whats not hard
It's easy to live, laugh
learn and love

It's easy if you make it
work where it's possible
not to be so hard, even
though your circumstances
are hard

Life is hard, if you
make it hard
It's your choice to let it
ruin you or help you become
stronger as each hard day passes

To put it behind you
and press forward and
tell yourself; your
gonna make it

Cause it's a hard world
But face it your already
here, so why not try to
make it the best

So when your time comes
to go you'll know you made it
and if there be any journeys
after death you can tell

"You can make it"
Cause you can make it

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noelleism said...
Feb. 17, 2010 at 8:56 am
I like the thought of this poem and how it's writen in little paragraphs. But I don't know if I like the line. 'It's hard to drown if you never tried to swim.' but I like what your tring to say
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