Dear Sister,

January 29, 2010
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Dear sister, 
You were my everything. 
I looked up to you, 
Role model. 
You were funny 
And beautiful. 
Maybe I was biased
Because you are my big sister. 
You will always be my sissy. 
I will never forget childhood, 
Trying to be like you, 
Wanting to grow up, 
Longing for you to play with me. 
Your friends became more important 
Than playing barbies with me. 
You forgot all the good times we had. 
You were having new good times now, 
And there was no place for me in that. 
I was too young,
Too immature, 
Too whatever. 
So I waited until I was older, 
But you still didn't want to hang out. 
Because you just get older too. 
You change and change, 
And I can't keep up. 
Lately, though, you've changed alot, 
And it scares me. 
I'm older now, 
I understand. 
I can understand 
If you explain it to me. 
I can be here for you
Like you were there for me,
And then you weren't, 
But it's okay. 
That's the past. 
I'm older. 
I understand. 
Tell me why you changed. 
Let me be there for you.
I've waited for so long. 
I've looked up to you through it all, 
But if this is who you are, 
I can't help looking down on you. 
But you won't explain. 
Just, please, tell me why you changed. 
I'm older. 
I'll understand.  

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Kiddo:) said...
Feb. 12, 2010 at 2:54 pm
I am a big sister, and reading this article made me want to run upstairs and give my lil' sis a hug! From now on, I will try to be more patient with her and see things from her point of view.
WriteForLove replied...
Feb. 12, 2010 at 3:45 pm
Wow that's great. I wasn't even thinking about the big sisters who would read this.. I was just thinking about the little sisters who would be able to relate! So that's really amazing!!!! Thank you!
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