Always and Again

January 29, 2010
By Adele BRONZE, Harrisburg, North Carolina
Adele BRONZE, Harrisburg, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"Sink like a stone that's been thrown in the ocean, my logic is drowned by a sea of emotion. Stop before it starts. Be still my beating heart."

Can’t COMPREHEND what you do.
Lying to say you care,
BREAKING me slowly down,
without a care you say you have.
So sure one moment but not the NEXT
this always happens
(denile is not a friend)
NOT an enemy,
But NOT ONE I can turn to.
the weak rope you were
is beginning to FALL
a void of unspoken hurt charges the space,
the ROOM between you & me.
Saying sorry sweetly
(means you’ll NEVER do it again)
Over and over,
Over and over.
forming the goodbye,
the ONE, very one, to SUFFOCATE your heart;
it sticks in my mouth, swallowing.
won’t let me occupy safely.
Repercussions BOUND across your face
…so cruel and winter cold
you said you’d protect me,
the backbite of your words sting
NEVER hurt me, you said,
is this what you WANTED?
Well, congratulations.
take me, TAKE me.
[you BROKE me]
you said you’d LOVE me…
Always & Again

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