Broken in the heart

January 29, 2010
By cookieXD BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
cookieXD BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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In this world,
Beauty surrounds every corner.
But to me,
Broken hearts are the most beautiful objects in the world.
The once cheerful, bright red heart,
Changes to a gloomy, blackish-red heart,
That is covered with scars of misery and pain that burns once thought about.
Its scars and bandages,
Hold a painful story behind each one.
A story that gets to your heart,
Once heard the pain they experienced runs through your heart.
But if they are there too long,
Your heart has lost hope of renewing.
The scars rip apart,
Separating the memories you had and the love.
Everything that was stored there,
Pours out like toxic being poured into a pond.
Killing your life of happiness,
Leaving one half of the heart standing still,
While the other half droops down.
The sadness you get is why broken hearts are beautiful to my eyes.

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