January 29, 2010
Frustration piles up,
as there is
absence in my eyes
as my mind drifts
into the flickering candles
that have burned my fingers so sweetly.

My chest is tight,
and breath leaves me
in short wheezes that deflate my lungs
as more weight falls across me,
until all at once,
it is lifted
and air gushes into me.

Dizziness tricks my mind
as the cooling, bitter coffee
trickles down my throat,
and sudden pain
hits me like a stone wall.

Arms wrap around me,
stroking me
until my breath evens,
the pain is gone,
and my shame makes me pull away;
I have shown weakness,
even though the arms know
how weak I was
from the beginning.

Movement from one place
to another place,
the songs are quieter here
and the breath of those around me is audible.

Tears sting me
as those around me
begin to speak
and I have things to add,
but my voice will not sound,
even though I move my lips;
their words are strong, powerful
and I am moved, inspired,
and frightened
with what I would have to change
to live up to those words

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