There's Nothing More Simple

January 29, 2010
By Wallflower PLATINUM, Portland, Oregon
Wallflower PLATINUM, Portland, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
If you aren't happy alone then you're not going to be happy with anyone else.

without color, there is no white
the absence of color, it can be beautiful
flowers can grow where dirt once was
flowers can grow where a decaying body once was
you want to be smart, but you don't want to think
you want to be rich, but you don't want to work
you want to be clean, but the temptation calling your name is just too irresistable
justify, justify, justify
it's over now
how will i avoid being stepped on tomorrow?
no one has to look at what they don't want to see
who wants to play the blame game?
if you soak that in water, it will cease to be alive and well
reassure, pretend, reassure
you are alone, you are to blame
empathy, sympaty, telepathy
what was that? oh, nothing
the pain is ersistent but you don't relieve it
there are more important things
love is a choice
it is finished, but it is not complete

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