January 29, 2010
polarities are aspects of the same thing; one side only exists in relationship to the other.

without this emptiness; the hope of fulfillment in the future would not exist.
tragedy is on our side against itself.
If you're your own enemy then you'll be stuck with only friends.
what you write when you don't know what to write: what do i write when i don't know what to write? ohh!
we're just missing the smell of our words.
stillness in life is unattainable.
our ambivalence is everywhere and nowhere.
we do not know the strength of our love before we're introduced to hate.
health and wealth are taken for granted only when they are not had.
conventional wisdom causes breathlessness and destroys our need to itself.
when you're not talking; you're not listening.
turn your selective attention to the silence. it has finally been made possible.
do you really know something that you don't appreciate.

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