Stereotyping Just Leads to Pain

January 29, 2010
Walking down the hall decked out in all black
Don’t forget the black hair covering the eyes
And a sweater covering my scars
I turn and notice you
What exactly are you thinking of me now?

I hear that dreadful snicker that you can’t hide
A little laugh to your friends
Most likely wondering if I have a knife on me
Of course as a joke one of you trip me
I wonder exactly what were you hoping to see?

Maybe the scars that I carefully hide
With my sweater and a few large bracelets
Or maybe you just wanted to see
If my tears would well up when I hit the floor
But what exactly would that do for you?

I know for me it’d make me feel
That no matter how hard I try I’ll always
Just be that girl who hides her face
To stay away from jerks like you because
You never thought to ask “Are you okay?”

Of course who cares about that little “emo” girl
Who hides behind her long black hair
That one with all those scars along her arm
But hey nobody really cares about me
Isn’t that right all you little “preps?”

Oh wait, I forgot my manners
You don’t mind me calling you a prep
Putting you in a stereotype
Because you feel that you’re so above everyone else
That it won’t really matter to you at all, right?

Unless of course you’re the “jock”
Then I truly apologize
For my small little mistake
You see for me the little “emo” girl
All I see are a bunch of large snobs, but you don’t do you?

Maybe you’re reading this thinking
That the little “emo” girl deserves everything
She purposely hides and doesn’t show herself
But did you ever once stop to think that
Deep down inside, she’s actually reaching out?

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twiwrite said...
Feb. 17, 2010 at 2:29 pm
i really liked this it screams every simple thought in her head and it makes you notice it. its a wonderful poem.
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