Try So Hard

January 29, 2010

My heart is on lockdown,
And my brain goes dead.

My heartbeat doesn't slow down,
And my blood rushes to my head.

Everytime I see you,
I don't know what to say.

All I can do is be true,
And treat you the right way.

I can't help but stare,
And I know it's not polite.

But your eyes show so much care,
And they are oh so bright.

I wish I could steal your heart,
But it's been stolen.

So now i'm stuck at the start,
As my cheeks stay swollen.

Some may say that I am sick,
Though it's not an illness.

But my heart yearns for this chick,
Who is consumed with chillness.

I know wishes do not always happen,
And I should cut my losses.

I can't help myself my heart keeps tappin',
Until my path crosses

Into yours and stays right there,
And never leaves your side.

I don't know who, when, what, or where,
But I know I tried.

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