Conman Breakdown

January 29, 2010
By Lost_Cookie GOLD, Surprise, Arizona
Lost_Cookie GOLD, Surprise, Arizona
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"You are your toughest critic"- Quintin Clark

I'm a liar in front of your very eyes.

I'm a con in the best disguise.

I can't be caught no matter how hard you try.

Because every word that I speak is a lie.

Some think they've caught on and got me.

To them all I can say is, "Hey, sorry".

What you thought was true isn't in the end.

Because I tell the truth but with a little bend.

Ha, I'm too good at this it isn't fair.

But I'm to busy doing it to even care.

You think you know what's true and what's not.

But like I said I'm too good to be caught.

I'm sick with this disease and I love it.

Many think it's bad but I don't give.

The man in the mirror looks me in the eyes and shakes his head.

I don't apologize, but I laugh instead.

To me I think it's funny how I manipulate the mind.

If I wanted I could lie to mankind.

But I don't do it for the fortune or the fame or the money.

I do it because I can and because I think it's funny.

Watching all your minds twist, crumble, and sink.

I can come up with twenty lies without having to think.

I have this gift and I use it to the max.

This power of mine is the best and there is nothing it lacks.

But why is it then when I see you I stumble, fumble, and fall.

And I forget how to lie and can't even stall.

So I spill all of my guts and tell you everything.

Finally somehow this canary can sing.

Is it possible, has my gift been stopped?

I had it all in my hand and suddenly it dropped.

It must be those eyes that pierce through my own.

Those eyes that stop me in my path and turn me to stone.

The liar has been caught and the lies are done.

Could it be possible, do I trust this one?

The author's comments:
So this is about me and this girl I fell for at my job. Didn't end on the best of notes...

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