Happily Ever After

January 29, 2010
Curiosity killed your cat but it couldn’t kill me
Still I'm stuck staring at you up in this stupid tree
I climbed up here to get a look, all the better to see your lovely face
But now my foot is caught between some limbs and it’s such a disgrace
It’s starting to get cold, I should settle in for the long night
I'm kinda afraid of the dark so I hope you leave on a light
I suppose things could be much worse, I could be locked in your closet
If only I could stop my life, rewind, and pause it
Back to before I wasn’t stupid enough to do this
But then I guess it would just be you that I’d miss
The only fear I have now is of falling
I hear my name whispered and look to see that its you who is calling
I guess it’s finally over since you caught me up here
You help me to get down and say you’ll lend an ear
I tell you that I think I love you and the rest of everything
Just being here with you makes my heart want to sing
You laugh it off because you think it’s quite ridiculous
And we end this night with a little kiss

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