Eden's Joy

January 29, 2010
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A wailing wisp floating among the trees
Singing of a story of true harmony
A story of beauty
A story of elegance
This story divine

Happiness consumes the ones that seek
A stunning sight for all to see

A smile from Gaea's tears
Brilliantly bright
Fresh snow melted upon this smile
Drawing all who seek this treasure within

Dark amber shades reveal her path
Revealing the images set before to pass
Standing in awe at this jeweled sight
Drawing all who seek this treasure within

Rose pedals bleed upon her cheeks
A blush so pure
You can call it a dream
Drawing all who seek this treasure within

Purity of water up in the sky
Covers the muse we find
The touch of satin we feel among her
Her touch so soft no man can turn away
Drawing all who seek this treasure within

An auburn wind grasps her head
Confining itself in a way so profound
This wind contained from free will
Swirling upon her shoulders the beauty complete
Drawing all who sell this treasure within

This muse is a symbol
Caressed in joy
Is this idol of beauty

Her life set forward
Men follow in her wake
She will save the one
Who embraces her life

Who will she choose
This beauty sublime

The wisp sings its tune
Unknown to the rest of the story
For this beauty has not chosen
The muse has not yet sung
A man awaits to embrace
The beauty of one

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