Green Eyes

January 29, 2010
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In those green eyes, I was a dancing machine. I was the only one
who could be. In those green eyes, I couldn’t see the past anymore. In those green eyes, I lie down in a state of comfort and fell asleep. In those green eyes, I became vulnerable. In those green eyes, I looked back, just to get lost in them again, cause’ they’re green eyes and you never know. In those green eyes, I started to fall in love, but they looked at her, and turned even greener, cause’ they were love-sick.
Got stuck in those green eyes and couldn’t get out, but they didn’t care. In those green eyes, they turned me down, for the very first time. In those green eyes, they were breaking my heart before they even knew it. In your green eyes, I saw a whole story, if I could write it all I would, bit I hope you know that this is for you.
Got me swirling around in those green eyes. Every time in those green eyes.
But I have to have my last hit of your green eyes, cause’ they don’t want me anymore. Honey yeah, it’s no surprise that I got lost in your green eyes.
Green eyes, your green eyes, got some green eyes.
Those green eyes.

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belldandy said...
Apr. 25, 2011 at 2:54 pm
i bet i can guess your fave color is :P
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