Dusty road

January 28, 2010
My painful heart cries,
Why I am not the top
The top at what I do?
Why? Why?
I cry for the answer to why?
I work hard at what I do
yet still I am not the top
Neither am I the best at what I do

Can someone please answer?
I bleed for an answer,
The answer to change myself
become the greatest ever.

I look at my friend he is the top in school,
The number 1, or maybe 5,
This is not the matter,
The fact is he is excellent at what he does
Why I not like him?

I am surrounded by people, who succeed,
I am ever going to be one of them?

I ask myself,

From the depths of the hearts,
A soft, and a creamy voice speaks,
“My friend we are all born to succeed,
We all are walking a path to success,
Some people find their others lose, and never find what they are looking for
Because they believe,
I shall guide, as a friend listen to me for answers,

We shall achieve the impossible
And become the greatest of all.
We are walking a dusty road of many obstacles,
Never give up hope,
I am always there pushing you,
Even if you no one else can support you.
Open your heart let it take over you,
Be free,
Be with the eternal nature,
The eternal bliss,
The eternal love
We walk a dusty path, a path some people lose track,
And never achieve the impossible.
So my friend,
Never give up hope,
I am always there for you to lean on,
A friend which help you,
Achieve the impossible
For whatever this may be.
Trust me my friend on this road,
Because I am
Your soul. “

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