Just Being Me

January 28, 2010
By Anonymous

I pour out my feelings onto the empty paper,
The poem is a magnificent creation, and I am its’ maker,
I tug my hair in frustration because the words don’t come out right,
A couple hours drift on by and before I know it I wasted my whole night.
Even though I already have a full plate,
I throw my veggies away, and make sure the candy stays.
This is way better than thinking about my assignments from school,
It’s a time waster, but hey I’m Mr. Bopp’s smartest question answering tool.
I naturally love to write I guess you could say,
It lifts me up after the stupid jerk that ‘nobody likes’ just ruined my day.
Whatever, just going with the flow, doing what I love to do,
And after all being myself brought me to you.

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