Writing Poetry

January 28, 2010
By Writer2bmc SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
Writer2bmc SILVER, Boston, Massachusetts
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Writing poetry is like crying
Sometimes hard to begin, but once started
Impossible to stop.
When you start there's a
Distinct reason why you write
But like tears, the poems keep coming
Until you don't remember why you started writing.

Writing poetry is like weeping.
Emotions creep out, slowly at first
But later begin to jump and burst as
The momentum builds.
Louder and louder, words are stronger and fiercer
Shouting through your wet cheeks,
Writing deeper than you've ever thought.

Writing poetry is like sobbing.
Deep and serious, but
At the end mourning words turn
Joyful and positive, for you have a new view
On the world.
After reaching its climax winds down and allows you to
Face reality again.
Soothing like nothing else.

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