My Ghost

January 28, 2010
My ghost, sacred moon, the stars shimmer in frenzied uproar
Crying out for a glimmer through these infinite fogs,
Crazed for attention during days of phantom like grays
We’re searching only of you
Looking only for you
Wanting only of you
Infinite, transcendental, beyond, below, and immersed
Starter, please paint us with colors vastly placed
The stars proclaim we’re not yet finished
Not yet hung over top mantle place, near admiring cherub eyes
Finish, let us see and be whole

My ghost, ma lumeriere, the stars weep with no moon
To guide, to trust, to always be true
Reaching into the heart, touching, placing, revising for the better,
If you are who you are then it’s all for the better

Watch as reflecting sun rays spiral towards earth in song blaze
Fires soften, relighting, flicking off with each finger snap,
Tap, shoes running across hardwood flooring
Soaring, saunter in, we’ll join in
These rhymes, rhythms, noises, distract from shadows we hate
Conversations are plenty, dance, skip and forget
With the sun shining through we forget we can’t see you

Oh lumiere, my moon, the stars are out once again
Screaming and aching
How long is too long?
Impatient for amends, answers, and actions
Reactions, something substantial to receive
For the waiting, the praying, the believing, the knowing
That whatever you are it goes without showing
Elusive and reclusive
In the dark we’ll sing loud with chapped lips and sore limbs
Everything that you are seems exclusive

But my ghost, my moon, the stars shimmer now less and less
Disillusion us, confuse us, please do anything to prove
In this desolate night, everything you claim is right and tonight
Say you truly are here

Still not done, but downcast, and alas,
Stars will climb tumbling overtop clouds, stretching limbs out for you
And scared, unprepared
We will howl in the night when everything turns to hell
Where were you?

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BrandNew13 said...
Feb. 12, 2010 at 4:49 pm
There is a beautiful darkness about this piece, though a sparkling shimmer of stars envelope your words. A feeling of intense search for something, anything that you are looking for, is well received. Powerful and inquisitive for the answers, your poem illuminates enough to stand beside the moon itself. Great job!
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