War of Love

January 28, 2010
By ktlynn BRONZE, Vanleer, Tennessee
ktlynn BRONZE, Vanleer, Tennessee
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I'm dying.
I'm dying every day.
I'm dying every hour.
I'm dying every minute.
I'm dying every second.
The pain of death is overtaking my body.
It's shutting my body down.
It's taking over my mind.
It's taking over my soul.
It's like a war inside my body.
But whenever I see his face,
it all goes away.
The pain goes away.
The death goes away.
My soul comes back.
And his love is taking over my body.
But its okay.
I can handle this war.

The author's comments:
this is about a girl who had cancer and the cancer was spreading all over her body. and when she sees the boy she loves, all the pain of the cancer goes away. all she can think about is him. its like she doesnt even have cancer anymore/

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