January 28, 2010
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White pills like snowflakes
Sprinkled on my hair
Showering my lap
Drifting past my lips
To melt on my tongue

And proceed to my gut
Where they'll dissolve in the acid
And race through hot blood
To make light my head
And remove me from reality.

White pills like a remedy
My own written prescription
One dose for fleeting happiness
Artificial as the chemicals
Which compose their aspect, every effect.

White pills like the stars
Scattered in blackness; lost
I found self help in a constellation
I lost myself in small white pills
and there i felt okay.

White pills like a body decayed
Decomposed flesh revealing bone
White pills
White pills
The crystals of thick melted tears
Spilling from my eyes like Windex to the mirrors
Wash away the years
Spill from the mouth of a bottle
White pills
Save me from this anti ecstasy
Prove to me life beyond my home Remedy
But when i hit it hard i already Feel happy
Like love
White pills
The moons of a thousand cold Evenings at the shore
Bright diamonds on the neck of a Twelve year old whore
Reflections in the eyes of a Cornered lion before its last roar
are small, white...
In my head and gut and hands
Stark and deceptive as a sinful Bride's gown
Powerful as the foam of a wave Closing down
And pale
As the hand of the young, the Dead, the damned
Those who found love in the small, White...
Is the only end
Small white pills

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