a key to who knows what

January 28, 2010
By Chelsea3883 SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Chelsea3883 SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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a square building.
a square door.
a square sign.
and round letters.
clink! the square door swings. a breeze.
welcome to The Life Store. everything you need for Life and more! take your time and look around. don't be afraid to ask if you need something.
thank you.
some wandering feet. the gears turning. she doesn't look real interested. the kind to browse. not to buy.
excuse me? how much is that?
or maybe not. oh, you mean the bottle of Acceptance?
yes, that's the one.
oh, that's display only. it's not for sale, we just have it to show what it looks like.
oh, i see.
do people not like you? a browser.
no, other people like me. i wanted it more to accept myself.
oh. strange girl.
more wandering. browsing. no buying.
what about this?
oh, you mean the bucket of happiness?
yes, that's the one.
would you like to look at it?
no, that's ok. i've got plenty. i was just wondering what people have to pay to get it these days.
browser. no buy. well, it's different for everyone.
oh, okay. thanks for your help.
sure. no buy.
clink. the square door swings.
her life is too good. she's the kind to browse. not to buy.

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