January 28, 2010
By Anonymous

I never really knew what love was
and honestly didnt wanna give it a try
all the sad stories of failure,told by broken hearted girls
had me avoiding every guy
but boy I looked into your eyes one day
took one breath and just said why not
anyway,why would god send someone so beautiful,if he was only meant to break my heart?
boy you are my first love
and you are the best I never had
you show me how to truely live my life
to except all the good with the bad
boy you are the first one to cross my mind when I open my eyes
the first one I prey for before I fall asleep
and the first one I dream of that night
boy you are the first one to show me how special I really am
the first to be right by my side, the first to understand
I never longed for a guy like you
I had no clue you could exist
but now as I lie here in your arms
your the only one I wanna be with
boy,ya know you saved me
without you I dont think I'd be here
you were the first one to quickly save me
from all the pain and all the tears
boy you are my armor
I am strong when im with you
there is nothing that can hold me down
there aint nothing I cant do
I will never let you down,
I will never let you go
your the first one I ever truely loved
and you'll be the very first one to know!

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