my daddy

January 28, 2010
when i was a little girl
i looked into my daddy's eyes
and when he said he loved me
it wasn't a big suprise
i said i love you two daddy
more than my arms go wide
but all those feelings changed for me
the day daddy made me cry
he left when i was young
and rarley did he come back
i always bit my tounge
when mommy said, "daddy loves you back"
the older that i got
the more daddy made me cry
tho it came as less a shock
when he told another lie
daddy always had an exuse
so the farther we grew apart
daddy couldn't even stop drug use
thats when i knew that daddy didn't have a heart

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dip_stick said...
Feb. 14, 2010 at 7:11 pm
if i wrought this poem for me it would not be daddy but mommy
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